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About Daniel..

I’m an Australian that has been living in the UK on-and-off since 1992.

Living with one foot in the UK and the other in Australia, I have spent most of my adult life taking photos of loved ones that I put up around the house until I got to see them again after a very long and expensive flight!

That sentimental side of me has meant that I strive to take heartfelt and enduring images that always evoke great memories.

I like to strike up a rapport with almost anyone and have realised that it’s that rapport that sets me aside from some.

I work hard to ensure that I’m not simply gate-crashing a couple’s wedding or event, but am there as a new friend that has met the couple a number of times prior to their big day to discuss theirs and my ideas and spend time getting to know the clients so we are all more comfortable working with each other on the day of the shoot.

My goal is to work with my clients to not only give them what they are after, but to also exceed their expectations.
Please get in touch to see what we can do for you.



Melissa Bassett - Hi Daniel,

A comment all the ways from your other home…

I love what you have started with 31 Down…particularly the quirky, fun and inviting wording that you’ve come up with.

Laura and Jon’s pics are fun and fresh, especially the bright red umbrella shots and the close up of Jon leaning over to kiss Laura… It’s a good one – I can see a cheeky Bass doing the same thing – stealing a quick kiss.

Pretty garden shot too. Love the orange colour.

I hope you get lots of visitors to you site and keep landing shoots – good luck!

Mel, Bass & Lump xx

PS… did I maybe feature some work too – I took that AWESOME photo of you right?!?

Aaron - Hey Daniel,

Nice site, great photography! What’s the low-down behind the name?



chichi - Hi,
Weldone, good job!

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